Sourcing Olive Wood

While I was visiting Athens, last week, I wanted to get some olive wood to make scales for future knives. However the touristy shops were way too expensive, and I ended up buying an olive wood chopping board on Amazon.

For just a few bucks I have enough material for three or four pairs of scales.

My First Handle

Just a few weeks after starting this unusual adventure, with zero previous experience with power tools, I’m happy to announce that I’ve just completed my first knife handle.

Here the final product:

I started from a cheap blade made in Pakistan I purchased online, a block of bois de rose, a copper rod, and a package of epoxy resin.

I watched a ton of videos and dedicated a couple of days to this project. And here it is. It’s rough, with a few glitches, but insanely beautiful.

I will post more step by step in the future, but here I have just a few random pics I took during the process:

Getting started on Patreon


The first thing I did, right after starting this blog, was to open an account on Patreon. It’s a website where creatives can receive economic support from their audience, building up a sustainable income.

I didn’t start my account to collect donations, I started it to contribute to the people who I’m following and admiring in the knifemaking scene.

My first subscription went to Walter Sorrells, who I follow enthusiastically. He published amazing videos on YouTube and provides plenty of details on how to get started and refine the art.

Kudos to him!

About this blog

This blog is about my journey in knife making. I have basically no skills on metal working nor wood working, limited skills with power tools. I can build IKEA furnitures, like every primate with an opposing thumb, but not much more than that.

I give myself six months to learn the skills, welcome to my blog, it will be a journey together.

My goal is to make knives and keep both my thumbs functional so to keep build IKEA stuff even without a self made knife.